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N-Cleav4   Necklace - Cleavage Blue/Grape
N-Cleav1   Necklace - Cleavage Multicolor
N-Cleav2   Necklace - Cleavage Silver
N-Cleav5   Necklace - Cleavage Turquoise/Coffee
N-Cof3   Necklace - Coffee Pendant Gold/Turquoise
N-Coral3   Necklace - Coral Black
N-Coral2   Necklace - Coral Black/Silver
N-Coral6   Necklace - Coral Gold
N-Coral4   Necklace - Coral Gold/Amber/Grape
N-Coral1   Necklace - Coral SIiver
N-Coral5   Necklace - Coral Style Gold with Black Stones
N-Humm   Necklace - Hummingbird
N-Mia3   Necklace - Mia Black
N-Mia7   Necklace - Mia Coffee/Turquoise
N-Mia2   Necklace - Mia Gold
N-Mia6   Necklace - Mia Gold/Black
N-Mia12   Necklace - Mia Rainbow
N-Mia1   Necklace - Mia Silver
N-Mia5   Necklace - Mia Silver/Black
N-Mia4   Necklace - Mia Silver/Black/Confetti
N-Mia11   Necklace - Mia Silver/Green Peacock
N-Rain3   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Black
N-Rain5   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Blue Peacock
N-Rain2   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Gold
N-Rain4   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Green Peacock
N-Rain6   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Purple Peacock
N-Rain1   Necklace - Raindrop Crystals Silver
N-Rope8   Necklace - Rope Amber/Black/Gold/Coffee
N-Rope2   Necklace - Rope Black/Silver
N-Rope11   Necklace - Rope Emerald/Seafoam/Olive Iridescent
N-Rope18   Necklace - Rope Emerald/Turquoise/Iridescent Blue
N-Rope6   Necklace - Rope Gold/Amber/Silver
N-Rope15   Necklace - Rope Seafoam/Gold/Coffee
N-Rope3   Necklace - Rope Silver/Black
N-Rope1   Necklace - Rope White/Silver
N-Tanya4   Necklace - Tanya Cascade 24 Strand Black
N-Tanya2   Necklace - Tanya Cascade 24 Strand Gold
N-Tanya3   Necklace - Tanya Cascade 24 Strand Gold/Bronze
N-Tanya1   Necklace - Tanya Cascade 24 Strand Silver
N-Tanya5   Necklace - Tanya Cascade 24 Strand Silver/Black
N-ThickLaceCrystals8   Necklace - Thick Lace Crystals - Peacock Blue/Gold/Black
N-ThickLaceCrystals7   Necklace - Thick Lace Crystals - Peacock Green/Gold/Black
N-ThinLaceCrystals3   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Black
N-ThinLaceCrystals6   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Peacock Blue
N-ThinLaceCrystals4   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Peacock Green
N-ThinLaceCrystals1   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Silver
N-ThinLaceCrystals2   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Silver/Black Confetti
N-ThinLaceCrystals5   Necklace - Thin Lace Crystals - Turquiose
N-RO12   Necklace Rope- Emerald/Seafoam/Light Aqua
N-RO13   Necklace Rope- Periwinkle/Seafoam/Cream
N-RO17   Necklace Rope- Periwinkle/Sky Blue/Iridescent Blue
N-RO19   Necklace Rope- Royal Blue/Iridescent Blue/Baby Blue
N-RO16   Necklace Rope- Turqoise/Mint Green soft blue
N-RO20   Necklace Rope-Aqua Light Blue Peacock Blue
N-RO5   Necklace Rope-Emerald Aqua Black
N-SS2   Necklace- Simply Stones Coffee
N-SS3   Necklace- Simply Stones Turquoise/Coffee
Donation-6   Nutrition Programs
GIFT-Nutrition   Nutrition Programs
O-Candycane   Ornament - Candy Cane
O-Clownfish   Ornament - Clownfish
O-Dolphin   Ornament - Dolphin
O-Flamingo   Ornament - Flamingo
O-FlyingPig   Ornament - Flying Pig
O-SantaFrog   Ornament - Frog with Santa Hat
O-Giraffe   Ornament - Giraffe
O-Grape   Ornament - Grapes
O-Ladybug   Ornament - Ladybug
OX-Angel3BC   Ornament - Large Angel - Pink Ribbon w/ copper skin
OX-Angel4   Ornament - Large Angel - Red w/ Black Hair
OX-Angel5   Ornament - Large Angel - Red w/ Blonde Hair
OX-Angel2   Ornament - Large Angel - White/Silver with Black Hair
OX-Angel1BC   Ornament - Large Angel Pink Ribbon w/ Blonde Hair
OX-Angel1   Ornament - Large Angel White/Silver w/ Blond Hair
O-Mermaid   Ornament - Mermaid
O-Orange   Ornament - Orange
O-Quetzel   Ornament - Quetzel Bird
O-Hum1   Ornament - Rainbow Hummingbird
O-Pepper   Ornament - Red Pepper
O-Hum2   Ornament - Ruby Throated Hummingbird
O-Santa   Ornament - Santa
O-Smiley   Ornament - Smiley
O-Snowman   Ornament - Snowman
O-Star2   Ornament - Star - Red/White/Blue
O-Star7   Ornament - Star -Pink and Lime
O-Strawberry   Ornament - Strawberry
O-Frog   Ornament - Tree Frog
O-TurtleRB   Ornament - Turtle Rainbow
O-WhiteHolidayBall   Ornament - White Holiday Ball
O-StarFishW   Ornament - White Starfish
O-Wreath   Ornament - Wreath
O-FVWineCharms   Ornaments - Wine Charms - Fruits & Veggies
Donation-5   Pig, Chickens, Goat, or Sheep
GIFT-Pig   Pig, Chickens, Goat, or Sheep
PX-Gator   Pin - Alligator
P-Butt5   Pin - Butterfly Blue
P-Butt1   Pin - Butterfly Monarch
P-Butt6   Pin - Butterfly Morpho
P-Butt2   Pin - Butterfly Multicolor
P-DolphinK   Pin - Dolphin
P-Drag1   Pin - Dragonfly Blue w/ Green
P-Drag6   Pin - Dragonfly Blue/Orange/Yellow
P-Drag2   Pin - Dragonfly Green/Pink/Coffee
P-Drag3   Pin - Dragonfly Light Blue/Lime
P-Drag5   Pin - Dragonfly Yellow/Grey/Coffee
P-GiraffeK   Pin - Giraffe
P-Liz1   Pin - Lizard Diamond Back
P-Liz5   Pin - Lizard Green
P-Liz4   Pin - Lizard Lime
P-Liz3   Pin - Lizard Lime/Aqua
P-Liz2   Pin - Lizard Orange/Cream/Coffee/Green
P-Par   Pin - Parrot MaCaw on Perch
P-Sea2   Pin - Seahorse Aqua/Lime
P-Sea3   Pin - Seahorse Blue
P-Sea1   Pin - Seahorse Gold
P-Sea4   Pin - Seahorse Lime/Emerald/Seafoam
P-Sea5   Pin - Seahorse Sea Green
P-Star1   Pin - Starfish Aqua
P-Star3   Pin - Starfish Orange
P-Star2   Pin - Starfish Purple
P-Star4   Pin - Starfish Silver
PX-Spider   Pin - Tarantula Spider
P-Frog5   Pin - Tree Frog Blue
P-Frog1   Pin - Tree Frog Green
P-Frog9   Pin - Tree Frog Orange/Black
P-Frog3   Pin - Tree Frog Purple/Green
P-Frog7   Pin - Tree Frog Red w/ Blue Legs
P-Frog2   Pin - Tree Frog Red/Orange
P-Frog4   Pin - Tree Frog Yellow
P-Turtle3K   Pin - Turtle Gold/Turquoise/Coffee
PX-Humm1   Pin Deluxe - Hummingbird Forest Colors
PX-Humm2   Pin Deluxe - Hummingbird Ruby-Throated
PX-Liz4   Pin Deluxe - Lizard Gold/Coffee
PX-Liz5   Pin Deluxe - Lizard Lime/Turquoise/Emerald
PX-Liz2   Pin Deluxe - Lizard Turquoise/Green
PX-Octopus2   Pin Deluxe - Octopus Blue
PX-Octopus1   Pin Deluxe - Octopus Purple
PX-Frog1   Pin Deluxe - Tree Frog Multicolor
PX-Turtle2   Pin Deluxe - Turtle Dark Green
PX-Turtle1   Pin Deluxe - Turtle Green/Gold
PX-Liz3   Pin- Large Lizard Orange/Cream/Coffee/Green
Donation-8   Preschool Education
GIFT-Preschool   Preschool Education
Donation-13   Preschool Program
GIFT-PreschoolProgram   Preschool Program
Ring-AmberBrown   Ring - Amber Brown
Ring-AquaPurpleGold   Ring - Aqua Purple Gold
Ring-Blue   Ring - Blue
Ring-GoldCopper   Ring - Gold Copper
Ring-GrapeAqua   Ring - Grape Aqua
Ring-GreenLime   Ring - Green Lime
Ring-Lime-Grape-Tur   Ring - Lime Grape Turquoise
Ring-Multi   Ring - Multi-color
Ring-Turq1   Ring - Turquoise
Ring-WhiteClear   Ring - White Clear
Donation-3   Safe Stove
GIFT-Stove   Safe Stove
Ship   Shipping and Handling
BR-SS1   Simply Stones Coral Red Bracelet
Donation-2   Solar Lamp
GIFT-Lamp   Solar Lamp
Donation-11   Volcano Disaster Relief (Fuego)
GIFT-Disaster   Volcano Disaster Relief (Fuego)
Donation-10   Washable Menstrual Hygiene Kit
GIFT-Hygiene   Washable Menstrual Hygiene Kit
BAG-Airline-Blues   Woven Bag- Airline
BAG-Airline-Navy-Red-White   Woven Bag- Airline
A-K-Fish   Zipper Charm - Assortment Fish

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