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BR-Gecko-B3   Bracelet - Gecko Blues/Emerald
BR-GECKO-B6   Bracelet - Gecko Blues/Greens
BR-Gecko-FL   Bracelet - Gecko FL Team
BR-Gecko-G3   Bracelet - Gecko Green/Blue
BR-Gecko-G4   Bracelet - Gecko Green/Blues
BR-Gecko-G1   Bracelet - Gecko Green/Gold
BR-Gecko-G2   Bracelet - Gecko Green/Silver
BR-GECKO-B1   Bracelet - Gecko Ocean Blue/Green
BR-Gecko-B8   Bracelet - Gecko Silver/Blues
BR-Mia8   Bracelet - Mia Blue/Grape/Confetti
BR-Mia7   Bracelet - Mia Coffee/Turquoise
BR-Mia2   Bracelet - Mia Gold
BR-Mia6   Bracelet - Mia Gold/Black
BR-Mia14   Bracelet - Mia Gold/Brown/Black
BR-Mia15   Bracelet - Mia Gold/Peacock Blue
BR-Mia16   Bracelet - Mia Gold/Turquoise/Peacock Blue
BR-Mia13   Bracelet - Mia Green/Gold/Brown
BR-Mia9   Bracelet - Mia Half Turquoise Half Confetti
BR-Mia17   Bracelet - Mia Lime/Silver/Pavoreal Azul/Aqua mix
BR-Mia12   Bracelet - Mia Rainbow
BR-Mia1   Bracelet - Mia Silver
BR-Mia5   Bracelet - Mia Silver/Black
BR-Mia4   Bracelet - Mia Silver/Black/Confetti
BR-Mia11   Bracelet - Mia Silver/Green Peacock
BR-Mia10   Bracelet - Mia Turquoise
BR-Rain3   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Black
BR-Rain5   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Blue Peacock
BR-Rain2   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Gold
BR-Rain4   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Green Peacock
BR-Rain6   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Purple Peacock
BR-Rain1   Bracelet - Raindrop Crystals Silver
BR-Wed3   Bracelet - Wedding Black
BR-Wed4   Bracelet - Wedding Blue
BR-Wed2   Bracelet - Wedding Gold
BR-Wed1   Bracelet - Wedding Silver
BQ-BrButton-Gold   Bracelet -Button Gold
BQ-Br-Tie-Purple   Bracelet -Stone Tie Purple
BR-WFri-Design12   Bracelet 1" Friendship - Mayan Design 12
BR-Ban   Bracelet Bangle in assorted colors
BR-Gecko-B4   Bracelet Gecko - Ocean Blue/Lime
BR-RO8   Bracelet Rope - Amber/Black/Gold/Coffee
BR-RO18   Bracelet Rope - Emerald/Turqoise/Iridescent Blue
BR-RO13   Bracelet Rope - Periwinkle Blue, Seafoam and White
BR-RO17   Bracelet Rope - Periwinkle/ Sky Blue /Iridescent Blue
BR-RO1   Bracelet Rope - White/Silver
BR-TW-3   Bracelet Twist - Black
BR-TW-6   Bracelet Twist - Cherry Red
BR-TW-7   Bracelet Twist - Emerald
BR-TW-2   Bracelet Twist - Gold
BR-TW-5   Bracelet Twist - Gold, bronze & coffee
BR-TW-8   Bracelet Twist - Seafoam
BR-TW-1   Bracelet Twist - Silver
BR-TW-4   Bracelet Twist - Silver & Black
Donation-9   Build a School
GIFT-School   Build a School
BR-Cat16   Caterpillar Bracelet - Purple
BR-CAT-Cof   Caterpillar Bracelet - Roasted Coffee Beans
BR-Cat2   Caterpillar Bracelet- Red
BR-Cat8M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Brown
BR-Cat15M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Pink/Grape
BR-Cat16M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Purple
BR-Cat2M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Red
BR-Cat17M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Turqoise/Aqua
BR-Cat6M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - White/Silver
BR-cat-L5   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet Grape-Lime
BR-cat-L6   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet Lime-Silver
BR-Cat-L4   Caterpillar Loops Bracelet Gold/Bronze/Coffee
Donation-4   Clean Water Filter
GIFT-Filter   Clean Water Filter
Coin-Butterfly   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Butterfly
Coin-Diamond   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Diamond
Coin-Leopard   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Leopard
Coin-Mayan   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Mayan Design
Coin-Rose   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Rose
Coin-Sun   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Sun
E-Ball3   Earrings - Ball Black
E-Ball7   Earrings - Ball Emerald
E-Ball4   Earrings - Ball Gold
E-Ball5   Earrings - Ball Gold/Brown
E-Ball8   Earrings - Ball Peacock Blue
E-Ball9   Earrings - Ball Periwinkle Blue
E-Ball9A   Earrings - Ball Pink Confetti
E-Ball6   Earrings - Ball Seafoam
E-Ball6A   Earrings - Ball Seafoam/Coffee
E-Ball1   Earrings - Ball Silver
E-Ball2   Earrings - Ball Silver/Black
E-Dangle5   Earrings - Blue, Grape, Lime
E-Coral2   Earrings - Coral Black
E-Coral4   Earrings - Coral Green/Gold
E-Coral1   Earrings - Coral Silver
E-Coral3   Earrings - Coral Turquoise
E-DD3   Earrings - Diamond Drop Black
E-DD4   Earrings - Diamond Drop Black/Silver
E-DD2   Earrings - Diamond Drop Gold
E-DD1   Earrings - Diamond Drop Silver
E-Gecko   Earrings - Gecko Rainbow
E-Lace3   Earrings - Lace Black
E-Lace2   Earrings - Lace Gold
E-Lace4   Earrings - Lace Peacock Blue
E-Lace5   Earrings - Lace Peacock Green
E-Lace1   Earrings - Lace Silver
E-Loops3   Earrings - Loops Black
E-Loops7   Earrings - Loops Emerald
E-Loops4   Earrings - Loops Gold
E-Loops5   Earrings - Loops Gold Confetti
E-Loops6   Earrings - Loops Gold/Coffee/Turquoise
E-Loops8   Earrings - Loops Pastel Confetti
E-Loops9   Earrings - Loops Peacock Green
E-Loops1   Earrings - Loops Silver
E-Loops2   Earrings - Loops Silver/Black
E-ML   Earrings - Multicolor Large
E-Cof1   Earrings - Roasted Coffee Beans Turquoise/Coffee
E-Cof2   Earrings - Roasted Coffee Beans Turquoise/Coffee/Gold
E-Dangle6   Earrings - Royal Blue & soft Green
E-Antigua4   Earrings- Antigua Gold Coffee
E-Antigua2   Earrings- Antigua Red Gold
E-Antigua1   Earrings- Antigua Silver Black
E-Black   Earrings- Black
E-Black2   Earrings- Black, Hematite and Silver
E-Blue-Tan   Earrings- Blue & Tan
E-SSCoralRed   Earrings- Coral Red (Simply stones)
E-Flavito   Earrings- Flavito Blue
E-Dangle3   Earrings- Gold Bronze Dangle with pearls
E-Dangle4   Earrings- Gold Crystals Dangle
E-Dangle8   Earrings- Purple Crystals Dangle
E-Dangle9   Earrings- Turquoise Dangle
E-Dangle9A   Earrings- Turquoise Lime Dangle
E-Dangle1   Earrings- White/Silver Dangle
BR-EE9   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Amber/Gold
BR-EE1   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Multicolor
BR-EE2   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Ocean Blue
BR-EE8   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Olive/Lime
BR-EE5   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Pastel/Confetti
BR-EE6   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Rose
BR-EE10   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Silver/Black
BR-EE7   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Silver/White
BR-EE3   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Turquoise/Grape/Blue
BR-EE4   Easy Elegance Bracelet - Turquoise/Lime
E-EE9   Easy Elegance Earrings - Amber/Gold
E-EE1   Easy Elegance Earrings - Multicolor
E-EE2   Easy Elegance Earrings - Ocean Blue
E-EE8   Easy Elegance Earrings - Olive/Lime
E-EE5   Easy Elegance Earrings - Pastel/Confetti
E-EE6   Easy Elegance Earrings - Rose
E-EE10   Easy Elegance Earrings - Silver/Black
E-EE7   Easy Elegance Earrings - Silver/White
E-EE3   Easy Elegance Earrings - Turquoise/Grape/Blue
E-EE4   Easy Elegance Earrings - Turquoise/Lime
N-EE9   Easy Elegance Necklace - Amber/Gold
N-EE1   Easy Elegance Necklace - Multicolor
N-EE2   Easy Elegance Necklace - Ocean Blue
N-EE8   Easy Elegance Necklace - Olive/Lime
N-EE5   Easy Elegance Necklace - Pastel/Confetti
N-EE6   Easy Elegance Necklace - Rose
N-EE10   Easy Elegance Necklace - Silver/Black
N-EE7   Easy Elegance Necklace - Silver/White
N-EE3   Easy Elegance Necklace - Turquoise/Grape/Blue
N-EE4   Easy Elegance Necklace - Turquoise/Lime
Donation-12   Educational Materials for Preschool Classroom
GIFT-PrekMaterials   Educational Materials for Preschool Classroom
EG-Dia3   Eyeglass Chain - Black Diamonds
EG-Black1   Eyeglass Chain - Black, white, silver, grey Flowers
EG-Black2   Eyeglass Chain - Black, white, silver, grey Flowers with strands
EG-Turq2   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Aqua Emerald Seafoam Flower
EG-Blue5   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Emerald Black Flower
EG-M1   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Gold Flower
EG-Blue8   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Periwinkle Silver Flowers
EG-Blue4   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Luster, Black Flower
EG-Blue2   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Turquoise, black Flowers with strands
EG-Blue7   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Turquoise, Coffee, Gold Flowers
EG-Blue9A   Eyeglass Chain - Emerald, Turquoise, luster blue, Gold Flowers
EG-Gold1   Eyeglass Chain - Gold & Silver Flowers
EG-Gold3   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Bronze Coffee Silver Flowers
EG-Dia1   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Diamonds
EG-Gold2   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Olive iridescent Flowers
EG-Gold4   Eyeglass Chain - Gold, Bronze, Black, Chocolate Flowers
EG-Blue3   Eyeglass Chain - Periwinkle, Irridesent Blue, Aqua Flowers
EG-Pink2   Eyeglass Chain - pinks
EG-RB1   Eyeglass Chain - Rainbow Flowers
EG-RB2   Eyeglass Chain - Rainbow with Strands
EG-Blue9   Eyeglass Chain - Royal Blue, Turquoise, luster blue, Silver Flowers
EG-Blue1   Eyeglass Chain - Royal Blue, White, Silver Flowers
EG-Turq4   Eyeglass Chain - Seafoam, Gold, Coffee Flower
EG-Dia2   Eyeglass Chain - Silver Diamonds
EG-M2   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, grape, gold Flowers
EG-Blue6   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, lime, silver, seafoam Flowers
EG-Turq1   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, Seafoam, Coffee Flowers with strands
EG-White1   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Flower
EG-White2   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Flowers & strands
EG-White3   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Grey Flowers
EG-White4   Eyeglass Chain - White, Silver, Iridescent Blue Flowers
Donation-7   Family Garden
GIFT-Garden   Family Garden
BR-Gecko-B2   Gecko - Bracelet Silver/Blues
BR-Gecko-GD1   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD3   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD4   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD5   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-P1   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-P2   Gecko Bracelet in pinks

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