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BR-EE8   Bracelet Easy Elegance Olive Lime
BR-EE5   Bracelet Easy Elegance Pastel Confetti
BR-EE6   Bracelet Easy Elegance Rose
BR-EE10   Bracelet Easy Elegance Silver Black
BR-EE7   Bracelet Easy Elegance Silver White
BR-EE3   Bracelet Easy Elegance Turquoise Grape Blue
BR-EE4   Bracelet Easy Elegance Turquoise Lime
A-BR-FlowTiny   Bracelet Flower Chain assorted colors for 3-6 year olds
BR-Cof1   Bracelet Roasted Coffee Beans Turquoise
BR-Cof2   Bracelet Roasted Coffee Beans Turquoise and Gold
BR-RO8   Bracelet Rope - Amber/Black/Gold/Coffee
BR-RO18   Bracelet Rope - Emerald/Turqoise/Iridescent Blue
BR-RO13   Bracelet Rope - Periwinkle Blue, Seafoam and White
BR-RO17   Bracelet Rope - Periwinkle/ Sky Blue /Iridescent Blue
BR-RO4   Bracelet Rope - Red/Caramel/Coffee/Black
BR-RO3   Bracelet Rope - Silver/Black
BR-RO1   Bracelet Rope - White/Silver
BR-3F   Bracelet Tres Flores in assorted colors
BR-TW-3   Bracelet Twist - Black
BR-TW-6   Bracelet Twist - Cherry Red
BR-TW-7   Bracelet Twist - Emerald
BR-TW-2   Bracelet Twist - Gold
BR-TW-5   Bracelet Twist - Gold, bronze & coffee
BR-TW-8   Bracelet Twist - Seafoam
BR-TW-1   Bracelet Twist - Silver
BR-TW-4   Bracelet Twist - Silver & Black
A-BR-Flow   Bracelets - Flower Chain Assorted colors
BR-Flow-RB   Bracelets-Flower Chain Rainbow
Donation-9   Build A School/ School Starter
BR-Cat16   Caterpillar Bracelet - Purple
BR-CofCAT   Caterpillar Bracelet - Real Coffee Beans
BR-Cat2   Caterpillar Bracelet- Red
BR-Cat11M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnet - Confetti Light Pastel
BR-Cat8M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Brown
BR-Cat1M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Multicolor Carmen
BR-Cat15M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Pink/Grape
BR-Cat16M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Purple
BR-Cat2M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Red
BR-Cat17M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - Turqoise/Aqua
BR-Cat6M   Caterpillar Bracelet-Magnetic - White/Silver
BR-cat-L5M   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet - Magnetic - Lime-Grape
BR-cat-L6M   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet - Magnetic - Lime-Silver
BR-cat-L2M   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet - Magnetic - Red-Gold
BR-cat-L5   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet Grape-Lime
BR-cat-L6   Caterpillar Loop Bracelet Lime-Silver
BR-Cat-L4   Caterpillar Loops Bracelet Gold/Bronze/Coffee
N-Cleav1   Cleavage Necklace - Multicolor
Coin-NatAm1   Coin Bag or Amulet Bag - Native American Light Blue
CoinBag-Asst   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Assortment
Coin-Diamond   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Diamond
Coin-Leopard   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Leopard
Coin-Mayan   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Mayan Design
Coin-Rose   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Rose
Coin-Sun   Coin Bag or Rosary Bead Bag - Sun
BR-CofCuff   Cuff Bracelet - Real Coffee Beans
GIFT-General   Donation - General
GIFT-Scholarship   Donation - Scholarship
GIFT-Stove   Donation for a Safe Stove
GIFT-Sewing   Donation for a Sewing Machine
GIFT-Filter   Donation for a Water Filter
GIFT-Backpack   Donation for Backpack and School Supplies
Donation-2   Donation for Backpacks and School Supplies
Donation-4   Donation for Clean Water Filters
Donation-5   Donation for Pigs and Chickens
GIFT-Pig   Donation for Pigs and Chickens
Donation-3   Donation for Safe Stoves
Donation-7   Donation for Sewing Machines
Donation-10   Donation for Shoes that Grow
Donation-6   Donation to Scholarship Fund
E-Dangle5   Earrings - Blue, Grape, Lime
E-Gecko   Earrings - Gecko Rainbow
E-Dangle6   Earrings - Royal Blue & soft Green
E-Antigua4   Earrings- Antigua Gold Coffee
E-Antigua2   Earrings- Antigua Red Gold
E-Antigua1   Earrings- Antigua Silver Black
E-Black   Earrings- Black
E-Ball3   Earrings- Black Ball
E-Loops3   Earrings- Black Loops
E-Black2   Earrings- Black, Hematite and Silver
E-Blue-Tan   Earrings- Blue & Tan
E-Cof1   Earrings- Coffee beans, turquoise/coffee
E-Cof2   Earrings- Coffee beans, turquoise/coffee/gold
E-Loops8   Earrings- Confetti Double large Loops
E-SSCoralRed   Earrings- Coral Red (Simply stones)
E-EE10   Earrings- Easy Elegance Black/Silver
E-EE2   Earrings- Easy Elegance Blues
E-EE9   Earrings- Easy Elegance Gold/Brown
E-EE8   Earrings- Easy Elegance Green/Gold
E-EE1   Earrings- Easy Elegance Multicolor
E-EE5   Earrings- Easy Elegance Pastel Confetti
E-EE6   Earrings- Easy Elegance Pearly Pink
E-EE3   Earrings- Easy Elegance Turquoise-Aqua
E-EE4   Earrings- Easy Elegance Turquoise-Lime-Pearl
E-EE7   Earrings- Easy Elegance White/Silver
E-Ball7   Earrings- Emerald Ball
E-Loops7   Earrings- Emerald Double Loops
E-Flavito   Earrings- Flavito Blue
E-Ball4   Earrings- Gold Ball
E-Dangle3   Earrings- Gold Bronze Dangle with pearls
E-Loops6   Earrings- Gold Coffee Turquoise Double Loops
E-Dangle4   Earrings- Gold Crystals Dangle
E-Loops4   Earrings- Gold Double Loops
E-Ball5   Earrings- Gold Mix Ball
E-Loops5   Earrings- Gold Mix Double Loops
E-Ball8   Earrings- Iridescent Blue Ball
E-MultiLgSh   Earrings- Multicolor (Medium size Pony Beads) 2" long
E-MultiSm   Earrings- Multicolor (mixed sizes pony beads)
E-Ball9   Earrings- Periwinkle Blue Ball
E-Ball9A   Earrings- Pinks Ball
E-Dangle8   Earrings- Purple Crystals Dangle
E-Ball6   Earrings- Seafoam Ball
E-Ball6A   Earrings- Seafoam Coffee Ball
E-Ball1   Earrings- Silver Ball
E-Loops2   Earrings- Silver Black Loops
E-Loops1   Earrings- Silver Double Loops
E-Ball2   Earrings- Silver/Black Ball
E-Dangle9   Earrings- Turquoise Dangle
E-Dangle9A   Earrings- Turquoise Lime Dangle
E-Dangle1   Earrings- White/Silver Dangle
E-Dangling1   Earrings-Dangling Coral Silver
E-Dangling3   Earrings-Dangling Coral Turquoise
EG-Dia3   Eyeglass Chain - Black Diamonds
EG-Black1   Eyeglass Chain - Black, white, silver, grey Flowers
EG-Black2   Eyeglass Chain - Black, white, silver, grey Flowers with strands
EG-Turq2   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Aqua Emerald Seafoam Flower
EG-Blue5   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Emerald Black Flower
EG-M1   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Gold Flower
EG-Blue8   Eyeglass Chain - Blue Periwinkle Silver Flowers
EG-Blue4   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Luster, Black Flower
EG-Blue2   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Turquoise, black Flowers with strands
EG-Blue7   Eyeglass Chain - Blue, Turquoise, Coffee, Gold Flowers
EG-Blue9A   Eyeglass Chain - Emerald, Turquoise, luster blue, Gold Flowers
EG-Gold1   Eyeglass Chain - Gold & Silver Flowers
EG-Gold3   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Bronze Coffee Silver Flowers
EG-Dia1   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Diamonds
EG-Gold2   Eyeglass Chain - Gold Olive iridescent Flowers
EG-Gold4   Eyeglass Chain - Gold, Bronze, Black, Chocolate Flowers
EG-Blue3   Eyeglass Chain - Periwinkle, Irridesent Blue, Aqua Flowers
EG-Pink2   Eyeglass Chain - pinks
EG-RB1   Eyeglass Chain - Rainbow Flowers
EG-RB2   Eyeglass Chain - Rainbow with Strands
EG-Blue9   Eyeglass Chain - Royal Blue, Turquoise, luster blue, Silver Flowers
EG-Blue1   Eyeglass Chain - Royal Blue, White, Silver Flowers
EG-Turq4   Eyeglass Chain - Seafoam, Gold, Coffee Flower
EG-Dia2   Eyeglass Chain - Silver Diamonds
EG-M2   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, grape, gold Flowers
EG-Blue6   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, lime, silver, seafoam Flowers
EG-Turq1   Eyeglass Chain - Turquoise, Seafoam, Coffee Flowers with strands
EG-White1   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Flower
EG-White2   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Flowers & strands
EG-White3   Eyeglass Chain - White Silver Grey Flowers
EG-White4   Eyeglass Chain - White, Silver, Iridescent Blue Flowers
A-N-Flow   Flower Chain Necklace - assorted colors
A-BR-Gecko   Gecko Bracelet - Assortment
BR-Gecko-FL   Gecko Bracelet Green w/ FL orange shirt
BR-GECKO-B1   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-Gecko-B2   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-Gecko-B3   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-Gecko-B4   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-GECKO-B6   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-GECKO-B7   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-Gecko-B8   Gecko Bracelet in blues
BR-Gecko-GD1   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD3   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD4   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-GD5   Gecko Bracelet in golds
BR-Gecko-G1   Gecko Bracelet in greens
BR-Gecko-G2   Gecko Bracelet in greens
BR-Gecko-G3   Gecko Bracelet in greens
BR-Gecko-G4   Gecko Bracelet in greens
BR-Gecko-G5   Gecko Bracelet in greens
BR-Gecko-P1   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-P2   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-GECKO-P3   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-P4   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-GECKO-P5   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-P6   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-P7   Gecko Bracelet in pinks
BR-Gecko-RB   Gecko Bracelet in Rainbow/Silver
BR-Gecko-S   Gecko Bracelet in White Silver
GIFT-CERT   Gift Certificate
P-Hum2   Hummingbird Pin Ruby-Throated
P-Hum1   Hummingbird Pin Forest Colors
KX-Alli   Keychain Charm - Alligator
K-Angel9A   Keychain Charm - Angel - Pink Ribbon, Black Hair (Breast Cancer)
K-Angel9   Keychain Charm - Angel - Pink Ribbon, Blonde (Breast Cancer)
K-Angel4   Keychain Charm - Angel - Rainbow, Black Hair
K-Angel2   Keychain Charm - Angel - White, Black Hair
K-Fish14   Keychain Charm - Angel Fish - blue/black/gold/emerald
K-Baseball   Keychain Charm - Baseball
K-Basketball   Keychain Charm - Basketball
K-Butterfly8   Keychain Charm - Butterfly - Blue, Aqua
K-Butterfly12   Keychain Charm - Butterfly - Blues
K-Butterfly5   Keychain Charm - Butterfly - Green
K-Butterfly3   Keychain Charm - Butterfly - Pink
K-Butterfly14   Keychain Charm - Butterfly Aqua and Silver
K-Butterfly9   Keychain Charm - Butterfly Blue, Gold
K-Butterfly7   Keychain Charm - Butterfly Greens
K-Butterfly13   Keychain Charm - Butterfly Lavender
K-Butterfly4   Keychain Charm - Butterfly Magenta

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